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Worldwide Holdings Bhd Regains Manpower and Ensures Business Availability by Automating Data Backup with Veeam Software

Property development company reduces recovery time by 90 percent, cutting restoration tasks from 8 hours to 60-minutes

MALAYSIA, March 28, 2019: Veeam Software, the leader in Backup solutions that enable Intelligent Data Management, has provided a data backup and availability solution to Worldwide Holdings Bhd, a property development company that focuses on the demands of today’s world, including the demand for high-value housing and commercial properties, a dedicated landfill and environmental related services, power generation and medical devices. The business has now slashed recovery time by 90 percent by providing the same service in less than an hour.


Worldwide Holdings had been manually backing up its ERP system including account, finance, sales and HR software. The 250 staff at Worldwide Holdings work across numerous areas including property, medical devices and environmental management services, and rely heavily on data availability to ensure the business can operate smoothly across seven remote sites. With a slow and time-consuming process of restoring data, the business looked to Veeam for a solution. 


With Veeam, it invested in its data management, ensuring its data is always available and recoverable, while saving on the manpower required for manual backup processes.

Veeam Cloud Connect was the integral solution, which ensures the company’s data is backed up twice a day, on premises and in the cloud, and is available, securely, anytime and in any place.


More than just saving time, Veeam has been able to provide Worldwide Holdings with peace of mind – leveraging Veeam’s Backup solution to meet today’s data expectations where data has moved to a new state of intelligence, automatically able to anticipate need and meet demand, securely and across multi-cloud infrastructures.


Worldwide Holdings is now compliant with business continuity management standards, including meeting recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) requirements. The company is also seeing benefits from a financial footprint.


“Veeam backs up data twice, on premises and in the cloud. Data is not only constantly available, which is what matters to users, but also secure, which is what matters to us. This Availability of data keeps our businesses running smoothly,” said Ediwarman Mohamad Taher, IT Manager, Worldwide Holdings Bhd.


"We've dramatically reduced recovery time by cutting restoration tasks from eight hours to just 60-minutes. Being able to get rid of so much manual repetition means the team can focus more on business outcomes."


“At Veeam, we pride ourselves in delivering effective, easy-to-use Backup solutions that save our customers both time and money,” said Effendy Ibrahim, Vice President for South East Asia and Korea at Veeam.