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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on support renewals

Here are the general Veeam support renewal guidelines:

  • Perpetual Licenses are available with Production or Basic support and one year of maintenance included with any new Perpetual License purchased. 
  • Basic annual maintenance renewal amounts to 22% of the regional MSRP price* for new licenses at the time of renewal for each product purchased under perpetual licensing.
  • Production annual maintenance renewal amounts to 27% of the regional MSRP price* for new licenses at the time of renewal for each product purchased under perpetual licensing.
  • Veeam does not provide public sector, educational or internal use discounts on support renewals (those discounts apply only for new licenses purchase).
  • Please note that any customer who is not current on support will not be issued new license keys until maintenance is renewed, including license merges, edition upgrades, and edition downgrades.
  • Prepaid discounted SKUs are available for purchase in the first six months of a new license contract. After this period, standard annual renewal SKUs are required.
  • Maintenance contracts are limited to a maximum of five years for all orders (new license orders (with one year of included support) or annual renewal and a maximum of four years prepaid maintenance can be purchased). Please note that SKUs may not be ‘doubled’ to increase length of time for support.
  • Customers who upgrade their product for a contract which has future years and/or months of support remaining must also purchase annual and monthly edition maintenance upgrade SKUs that are aimed at covering the price difference in support between the previous and new product. 
  • Support renewals more than 1 month past due will be assessed a 25% reinstatement fee compared with annual renewal. Fee is included in Expired Renewal SKUs, which are required for renewal of contracts expired more than 1 month at time of purchase. Expired Fee Waived SKUs can be used with Veeam approval only. In cases where support expired more than 13 months ago – please contact Veeam Renewals team to confirm needed SKUs.
  • To receive production support, all production licensed sockets for a product must be licensed at the production levels otherwise support defaults to basic levels.
  • Customers whose support has lapsed must renew their licenses with the appropriate annual support and renewal license SKU, co-term SKU, or back maintenance (with 25% Reinstatement Fee) as applicable. However, customers whose support has lapsed for more than one year may be eligible to be sold new licenses at list price instead of an annual support and renewal license with prior written approval from Veeam. Please speak with your Veeam representative for more details.

MSRP price doesn’t include potential local taxes (VAT, GST or sales tax).

What date is considered the support start date, after the renewal has been purchased?

The renewal will extend support from the support expiration date. I.e. A customer has support expiring in Dec. 2020. With annual renewal, purchased in Oct. 2020 — New support period will be Dec. 2020-Dec. 2021.

The same approach is used for licenses with expired support. If the customer has expired support in June 2020 and annual renewal is done in Oct. 2020 — The new support period will be June 2020-June 2021.

When does support for new licenses start? Can we postpone the support start date if the customer wishes to do so?
Support for new licenses starts on the date Veeam receives a Purchase Order from distribution. It is not possible to postpone the support start date.
How can I migrate from a perpetual product contract to a subscription license?
Customers can migrate from perpetual socket-based licenses to VUL subscription licensing by purchasing a migration SKU. Purchasing this SKU extends support on the perpetual license for one to two years and converts the contract from perpetual per-socket to VUL subscription (Enterprise Plus capabilities and Production support included, except for Starter package). Any migration from perpetual model to subscription must be done for the full number of sockets in the customer’s contract.  The purchase of new VUL subscription licenses to replace perpetual per-socket licenses without using the authorized migration SKU is not permitted. After migration all further quoting will be done using VUL subscription prices. 
After a customer renews, when will they get a new license file?

Please allow Veeam up to 48 hours (not including weekends) to process the purchase order once it's received from distribution.

If the new major version hasn’t come out, an old license file that customer currently owns can still be used. The new license file doesn’t need to be installed; however, we suggest that customers always save the license files they receive.

Please follow the steps below if the new license file needs to be installed:

  1. Save the license file to the system your Veeam Software is installed on
  2. Open your Veeam console
  3. On the tool bar, select the “Help” option
  4. Select “License Information”
  5. Choose “Install License”

There are three levels of support offered by Veeam:

Support Program – Customer Local Business Hours


Evaluation Support
Mon - Fri 8am-5pm
Basic Support
Mon - Fri 8am‐8pm
Production Support
Premier Support 


For details of Veeam’s support policy, please visit the Veeam Support webpage.

Co-Terming Support

Co-terming consolidates multiple purchases or contracts into one expiration date, simplifying the renewals process for all parties and securing support for the customer. Veeam offers both annual and monthly maintenance renewal SKUs. Monthly SKUs are only to be used to help consolidate and align contracts to expire in the same month.

To co-term (or consolidate) contracts, the number of months required should be multiplied by how many sockets are in the contract being consolidated.

Example of support co-term using a Veeam Backup & Replication™ Enterprise edition customer with two purchases:

First purchase: Three Sockets with support expiring in November 2020.

Second purchase: Two Sockets with support expiring in March 2021.

SKUs to consolidate support until November 2021:


Quantity: 3
Annual maintenance renewal - Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise
Quantity: 16
Monthly maintenance renewal - Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise


Annual SKU: 3 = 3 sockets x 1 year (November 2020 – November 2021)

Monthly SKU: 16 = 2 sockets x 8 months (March 2021 – November 2021)

For questions or concerns regarding Veeam Maintenance Renewals/to confirm SKUs for support consolidation - please contact Renewals team at