It’s official: Veeam is the undisputed industry leader in customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount to any business and Veeam is laser-focused on ensuring that we have the happiest customers in the industry by delivering the Always-On Digital Life experience they expect. To this end, Veeam annually commissions an independent survey among its customers[1] to understand how satisfied customers are with Veeam and find out what capabilities and features are the most valuable for our users. I am delighted by this year’s findings as they show, once again, that Veeam is leading the industry in terms of customer satisfaction!

We would like to extend a big thank you to all our customers who filled out our recent survey. We’ve loved seeing what you had to say and we’ve picked out some of the highlights to share with you below.

Outstanding results for Net Promoter Score — four years in a row!

Often when we really like a product or a brand, we recommend it to other people. This is how the Net Promoter Score (NPS)[2] works — it reflects our willingness to recommend products or services to others. Survey participants were asked a simple question: “How likely is it that you would recommend Veeam to a friend or colleague?” And the results speak for themselves: Veeam earned an NPS of 73 in 2017, which is 2.4x the industry average (30)[3] and 12 points higher than in 2016. Veeam has now surpassed the industry average score four years in a row! This great grade places Veeam in the upper echelon of the NPS ranking spectrum, with a score higher than Pandora (59) or Southwest Airlines (62) and trending toward Apple (89).

Veeam Customer Satisfaction survey

*The Net Promoter Score (NPS) can range from -100 to +100 and +50 is considered an excellent result.

Customer satisfactions KPIs are keeping at a ‘9’ or ‘10’ rate!

To create an even more detailed picture of how our customers feel about our products and services, we questioned them on a few important metrics. Core Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) significantly increased in 2017, reaching 9.0+ scores, on a scale of 1 to 10, for almost all categories. Again, the results are overwhelming and together with the NPS they represent very powerful feedback from our customers.

91% of Veeam customers are completely satisfied with Veeam as a software vendor, with three-fourths of respondents rating their overall satisfaction with Veeam at a ‘9’ or ’10.’

90% of Veeam customers plan to renew their contract when their current contract is complete, with nearly 80% of respondents rating their likelihood to renew with Veeam at a ‘9’ or ‘10.’

89% of Veeam customers are completely satisfied with features and functionality offered by the Veeam products they are using, with nearly three-fourths of respondents rating their satisfaction with the features and functionality of Veeam products at a ‘9’ or ‘10.’

91% of Veeam customers would recommend Veeam solutions to their friends and colleagues, with nearly 80% of respondents rating that Veeam deserves a strong recommendation at a ‘9’ or ‘10.’

Veeam Customer Satisfaction Survey

While the data points above show Veeam’s continuing upward trend regarding core KPIs and other metrics, they also show how closely we listen to our customers so that we can deliver products and services that meet their growing business needs, both now and in the future. And this is proved by:

  • The number of customers planning to expand their Veeam footprint within the next 12 months saw a 12% increase over 2016
  • An impressive 86% of customers agree that Veeam’s solutions are very important to the success of their key business initiatives.

See what our customers had to say!

The numbers are clear — Veeam is the industry leader by far in customer satisfaction and this comes as a result of our efforts to deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise. But don’t just take our word for it… here is what some of our customers had to say about Veeam:

  • “Veeam has saved us before, recovering both the smallest of files and full virtual machines.”
    Newton Thaiposri, Network and System Administrator, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
  • “Veeam is the most cost efficient, comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution on the market today.”
    William Parson, IT Manager, Brochsteins Inc., USA
  • “We highly recommend Veeam to anyone who requires a quick, easy to use and extremely reliable backup solution.”
    Paul Elwin, IT Administrator, Advanced Electrical Equipment, Australia
  • “Veeam understands you and is there for you at the time of crisis.”
    Rami Kilani, System Administrator, Al-Hamra Real Estate Co., Kuwait, EMEA
  • “Why settle for less than the best?”
    David Levy, Head of IT Scandinavia, Millward Brown, Denmark, EMEA

Do you have a story in which Veeam saved your time and money? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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[1] Omega, Veeam Customer Satisfaction Research, March 2017

[2] 2017 NPS Lookup at

[3] Source: Temkin Group, Tech Vendor NPS Benchmark, October 2016

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