Microsoft LAPS deployment and configuration guide

If you haven’t come across the term “LAPS” before, you might wonder what it is. The acronym stands for the “Local Administrator Password Solution.” The idea behind LAPS is that it allows for a piece of software to generate a password for the local administrator and then store that password in plain text in an Active Directory (AD) attribute. In this guide, you'll learn how to deploy, configure and troubleshoot Microsoft LAPS. Read more

Step-by-step guide to deploy different OSes through Windows Deployment Services

Windows Deployment Services (WDS) is a great addition to the Windows product set. Out of the box, it’s able to deploy Windows VMs, and with a couple of small tweaks, it’s possible to have WDS build Linux and VMware servers, all from a selectable Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) boot menu. In order for it to deploy Windows and Linux systems it requires some changes which we'll explore in this article. Read more