Meet recovery objectives while accelerating compliance

Modern data protection challenges demand an assessment of recovery strategies and the maintenance of compliance with those strategies. This could be for regulatory reasons or simply to offer assurance that the business can bounce back quickly in the event of an outage. 

If we want to meet recovery objectives in the face of modern challenges such as ransomware, then recovery at scale and in parallel becomes a critical component. Recovering individual VM’s, files or application items is all well and good for ‘everyday’ disasters (like recovering that critical email) but when infrastructure becomes unavailable the impact can be felt broadly.   

Mass recovery in parallel, shortens overall recovery time and, with a little forethought, organizations can plan for and control application-specific ‘wrinkles’ in advance to facilitate faster recovery of workloads in the right place at the right time and with the right dependencies intact. The ability to orchestrate recovery from diverse sources, such as VMware and agents, and to diverse recovery targets, like a disaster recovery site, the public cloud or even P2VC (physical-to-virtual-or-cloud), provides much needed flexibility in recovery planning and makes the question of “Where do I recover to?” easier to answer- an important question as you plan for a potential multi-site outage or denial of service. 

Available with Veeam Data Platform Premium Edition, Veeam Recovery Orchestrator gives organizations the ability to pre-plan and automate time-consuming recovery processes, such as mass recovery in parallel and ensuring application dependencies are in place. Additionally, Veeam Recovery Orchestrator will test recovery plans and even scan recoveries in-process ensuring the data you are recovering is not infected This eliminates multiple manual (failed) attempts at successfully recovering the same workload, reducing overall recovery time. The built-in compliance dashboards and automated reporting help certify that logistical processes around recovery are tested and proven to ensure compliance. They are the perfect document set to present to auditors or the board. 

So, Veeam helps organizations ensure compliance standards are met. But simply showing that a particular workload does not meet its SLA for backup (for example) may not be enough. That workload needs to be protected to meet the SLA! The Veeam platform provides for automated remediation, ensuring that adherence to compliance is less of a manual burden. In our quick example here, it might mean automatically adding a workload to a backup job if it falls out of SLA-compliance. 

Veeam Data Platform provides peace of mind with the ability for organizations to quickly recover from disasters, maintain compliance, and ensure business continuity. Whether it’s recovering from a ransomware attack or ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, the powerful tools provided through Veeam make it a reliable choice for any size organization. 

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