Cloud Data Management Just Got a WHOLE Lot Easier!

In every customer meeting I attend, “cloud” is mentioned within a matter of minutes. It’s the technology virtually every company is looking to embrace in some fashion, especially as businesses look to increase agility. However, there is always a doubt in customers’ minds over the management and protection of their data within these environments, and I spend a lot of time helping the organizations I meet alleviate their worries.

According to recent research[i], IT leaders are particularly concerned about portability, management and Availability of cloud workloads across their multi-cloud environments. What is the point in having data saved if you can’t access or move it when you want and need it? In fact, based on recent research it would seem:

  • 47% are concerned that cloud workloads aren’t as portable as intended
  • 58% indicate that migration of data and workloads to the cloud is challenging
  • 61% are concerned about cloud workload backup and recovery
  • 82% are concerned about application uptime

Valid concerns have arisen because quite frankly, traditional data management is not fit for purpose.

Today, Veeam addresses these issues by announcing a major step forward to meet the demands of businesses and further extend its leadership in cloud data management.

As a company, Veeam was born on virtualization and has rapidly adapted to customer needs to become the leader in Intelligent Data Management for hybrid cloud environments, thanks to the Veeam Availability Platform. In keeping with Veeam’s speed and momentum in the market, Veeam today announced new capabilities to expand its leadership in cloud data management with robust cloud-native data protection, easy cloud data portability, increased security and data governance, and solutions to make it easier than ever for service providers to deliver Veeam-powered services to market. This gives businesses the ability to get industry-leading cloud data management delivered as a managed service too.

Specifically, today we have unveiled enhanced cloud capabilities as part of Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4, and the upcoming Veeam Availability for AWS and Veeam Availability Console v3. You don’t just have to read about these new announcements; why not watch me talk about them during the session I delivered at our Sales Kick-Off event today and learn more about why we are so excited about these new offerings.

With these latest announcements, Veeam bolsters its position as the clear market leader in cloud data management with strong partnerships with AWS, Microsoft Cloud, IBM Cloud and over 21,000 service providers.  This is great news for customers, as they can now simply address many of the challenges with the migration, management and Availability of cloud workloads across their multi-cloud environments, through the easy-to-use Veeam platform they know and love.

Once again, Veeam has delivered a raft of innovations that answer specific customer needs that just work and help mitigate the top concerns of IT teams and business leaders. All of this and we are not even one month into the year. 2019 is clearly going to be a great year for Veeam customers!

[i]  Multi-cloud Complexity Calls for a Simple Cross-cloud Data Protection Solution, Frost & Sullivan

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