How Veeam integrates in the multi-cloud era

The IT industry knows what change looks like, and the current speed is unprecedented. Businesses need to adapt quicker than ever, knowing that what works for their data protection needs now is likely to change in the future. As a result, organizations today are taking a multi-cloud approach or, depending on their business needs, they are moving data from cloud to on-premises, cloud to cloud or within the cloud. Research shows that a massive 81% of enterprise organizations are choosing a multi-cloud strategy. Meaning that Availability across private, public and hybrid clouds is more important than ever to ensure customer confidence, brand reputation and competitive advantage. This blog post will shed some light on how Veeam’s tight-knit integrations with leading public-cloud providers, as well as its partnerships with managed-cloud providers, enables multi-cloud Availability.

How Veeam integrates with the Microsoft Cloud

One of the industry’s most dominant and recognizable CSPs is the Microsoft Cloud. Enterprises of all sizes can now experience simplified business continuity with Veeam for the Microsoft Cloud. This integration provides Availability for virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads, lowers costs through Microsoft Azure data archives and mitigates the risk of losing access to email data with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365. The 3-2-1 Rule suggests your business should maintain at least three copies of data stored on at least two different types of media, with one of those copies off site. Veeam and Microsoft are helping businesses realize this final step through archives in Microsoft Azure with full and file-level granular recovery back to an on-premises environment or in Azure. On top of that, Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure protects your physical and cloud-based workloads, which eliminates complexity for you, and makes migration and restore much easier on your busy IT department.

How Veeam integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is heavily investing in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and has gained traction by paving one of the easiest roads to large-scale, public-cloud migration. Whether you are backing up to or recovering from the cloud, Veeam offers seamless integrations with AWS, which reduce costs and save time with lower recovery time objectives (RTOs). The first integration allows customers to send virtual tape library (VTL) backups to AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) and Glacier. The second integration allows customers to back up Amazon Elastic Compute Cluster (EC2) instances using Veeam Agents, or you can consider a cloud-native agentless approach with N2WS Cloud Protection Manager, which Veeam recently acquired.

Agility and scalability are key benefits to utilizing Veeam’s integration capabilities with AWS in your multi-cloud strategy.

How Veeam integrates with the IBM Cloud

Enterprises looking to fuel innovation and competitive edge need to look no further than the IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud applications, data and services can all be backed up through the integration of Veeam for the IBM Cloud. Veeam works with IBM Cloud to deliver Availability for your entire IT environment, allowing you to back up, replicate and more, within the IBM Cloud, just like it’s your own environment! This is important because Global enterprises all have unique service level requirements and require scalability at different times, in different departments and with different capacities. Veeam offers backup and replication to more than 55 IBM Cloud data centers worldwide and continual backup and recovery of the VMware infrastructure that powers IBM Cloud solutions.

How Veeam partners with managed cloud providers

Getting backups and replicas off site is something every IT organization should be considering to ensure data protection and access in the event of a disaster. But for many, building or maintaining an off-site backup repository is not feasible due to limited budget and resources. They choose instead to offload some or all of their data-protection duties to a service provider. You can take advantage of huge business and financial gains when you make the move to cloud and managed services:

  • Improve recovery time in case disaster strikes
  • Benefit from OpEx pricing models
  • Conquer complex regulatory compliance requirements
  • Experience the freedom to innovate

You can utilize Veeam Cloud Connect to easily send virtual or physical backups and replicas off site to a hosted cloud repository offered by one of our Veeam Cloud & Service Provider partners through a secure SSL connection. It’s easy to find the right provider to meet the needs of your business. You can reach out to your Veeam reseller, or find a provider in our Veeam-powered services directory.

Take action on your multi-cloud Availability strategy

There is an acceleration of multi-cloud adoption as enterprises are choosing hybrid-cloud options for their multi-dimensional, data-protection needs. But, multi-cloud strategies can be complex in the current IT landscape, and Availability and data protection remain imperative. Veeam’s flexible, multi-cloud data protection solutions meet the needs of today’s multi-cloud enterprise, protecting any app, any data, on any cloud. Get started with your multi-cloud strategy with Veeam for the Multi-Cloud!

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