World Availability Day 2017 – more than just backups

In the observance of World Availability Day, I wish all of you stay out of downtime and have your data always there for you and your customers. Yes, we know that tomorrow is World Backup Day, but we consider that backups are insufficient for modern organizations. They need more than that, they need unconditional access to their applications and data, anywhere at any time.

Why Availability Day? Because Availability comes before backup, not only in dictionaries and calendars, but also in the life of a data center. It’s not only about having backups of your data anymore; it’s about being available.

What does it take to achieve Availability?

Veeam pioneered the new market of Availability, and meanwhile, we got to master it. Constant innovation and listening to our customers’ requirements are the main ingredients for our products. Veeam helps organizations of any size and shape to achieve Availability for both their virtual and physical infrastructures, as well as provide data protection solutions in the cloud.

Below, are a few offerings that will help you better understand and achieve Availability:

Veeam Not-For-Resale (NFR) license keys

The Veeam NFR license keys are a great way to experience many of our tools in your own lab for training, testing or product demo purposes. NFR licenses can be used for 1 year, and they are offered for free to certified IT pros. The new NFR program includes Veeam Agent for Linux, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 and Veeam Availability Suite, so get your FREE key!

DRaaS for Dummies

Together with For Dummies, we created DRaaS for Dummies, a FREE e-book that introduces Disaster Recovery as a Service to every interested IT professional out there. From the book, you’ll learn useful tips such as effective DR planning, how to select a trusted service provider for your organization, lower costs and much more.

VeeamON 2017

Because Availability is so important, it has its own dedicated conference: VeeamON. The edition this year will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana between May 16-18 and it’s going to be BIG. If you are keen to attend, you can convince your boss to send you to VeeamON 2017 or you can join the VeeamON 2017 social media contest.

Downtime is not tolerated anymore

Take a few seconds and imagine that many of the tools you use daily would be unavailable, even for a few minutes. That email with vital information for your business didn’t arrive on time, you couldn’t book your flight online or you couldn’t get money from the closest ATM…  it would be frustrating, wouldn’t it?

At Veeam, we don’t make a backup tool, we make the Availability product. Happy #WorldAvailabilityDay, and don’t hesitate to share with us on Twitter why Availability is important for you!

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