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Kasten by Veeam Announces 900% Bookings Growth in 2021

The #1 Kubernetes backup leader quadruples staff size, announces platform innovations and establishes new Go-To-Market partnerships to serve the growing need for Kubernetes backup, disaster recovery and mobility

COLUMBUS, Ohio, January 25, 2022 – Kasten by Veeam, the market leader for Kubernetes backup, disaster recovery and mobility, today announced its track record for rapid growth continued in fiscal 2021, the first full year of results posted since Kasten was acquired by Veeam. Kasten by Veeam reported a 900% year-over-year (YoY) increase in bookings for 2021 and quadrupled the size of its staff in 2021 to serve the rising demand for simple and secure protection for Kubernetes deployments.

“Kasten by Veeam is entering 2022 stronger than ever,” said Andy Langsam, senior vice president of Kasten by Veeam. “As Kubernetes adoption dramatically accelerates, customer demand for backup and disaster recovery tools continues to grow. We are building our team, strengthening our community efforts, solidifying partnerships and investing in product enhancements to address the data management needs of modern enterprises that rely on technologies that support a strong Kubernetes ecosystem.”

Kubernetes has emerged as the de facto standard for orchestrating containers in edge environments driven by applications like video streaming and AI. Its use in production has increased by 300% since 2016, according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Adoption of Kasten K10, the company’s platform for Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery, accelerated over the past year — increasing by a factor of 10 in 2021.

Kasten currently protects millions of containers in production and can scale to protect massive multi-cluster deployments with multiple hundreds of nodes in enterprise environments. The company continues to see significant interest in container-specific data management solutions from high-performance enterprise segments, including banking and the financial sector, 5G and edge computing.

“Containers have become pervasive in production infrastructure, often running mission-critical applications — that’s why these environments must be protected with resilience in mind. Our research shows that there is a data protection disconnect, often leaving container infrastructure, and the business, potentially exposed,” said Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst at ESG. “That’s why we believe that the Kasten by Veeam solution is a critical component organizations should deploy to deliver on their data protection and business service levels. With support from Veeam, we expect Kasten to continue building momentum as they further extend their solution roadmap.”

Kasten by Veeam released two major commercial updates to its K10 platform in 2021, as well as other capabilities and features that accommodate multi-tenant cloud environments, automate application migrations, and deliver scalable backup, disaster recovery and application mobility across enterprise Kubernetes deployments. These updates included V4.0, which delivered the industry’s first Kubernetes-native protection capabilities focused on ransomware attacks. A second update, V4.5, delivered an improved out-of-the-box experience, expanded the platform’s edge capabilities and broadened the firm’s ecosystem support for data services and partner technologies.

Kasten by Veeam continued to expand its partner ecosystem and add integrations to key technology platforms throughout the past 12 months. Kasten by Veeam announced new Go-To-Market partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Red Hat, IBM Cloud and Azure during 2021. Kasten K10 is now also available in AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere and the Red Hat Marketplace.

The company announced investments in Kubernetes education and community during 2021. It contributed a new open source project called Kubestr that enables developers and operators to evaluate Kubernetes cluster storage configurations and performance. Kasten by Veeam also launched the Kasten Kubernetes Learning Series, a free educational program designed to improve the Kubernetes skill sets of all levels of practitioners, including novices, developers, operations and Kubernetes administrators. Close to 10,000 users leveraged this unique, hands-on lab-based program within the first quarter of its launch in Q4’21.

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Kasten by Veeam is the leader in Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery. Its solution helps enterprises overcome Day 2 data management challenges to confidently run applications on Kubernetes. Kasten K10, its data management platform purpose-built for Kubernetes, provides enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery, and application mobility with unparalleled operational simplicity. Kasten is an independent Kubernetes Business Unit within Veeam. For more information, visit www.kasten.io or follow @kastenhq on Twitter.