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Sky Deutschland Protects Programming and Customer Care with Veeam

Entertainment superstar chooses Veeam for modern data protection

Unterfoehring/Germany, March 31, 2022: Veeam Software, the leader in backup, recovery and data management solutions that deliver Modern Data Protection, today announced that Sky Deutschland, a leading entertainment provider in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has replaced legacy backup with Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam provides scalable, modern data protection to assure availability across any app, workload and cloud, and it offers flexible, universal licensing to back up anything to anywhere. Veeam is also easy to use, saving Sky 40 hours each week in backup management time and Veeam is 50% less expensive than the legacy solutions.

Technology is indispensable at Sky Deutschland. Technology connects millions of customers to the programs they love and enables them to watch what they want, when they want and how they want. Sky’s challenge was legacy backup. The IT team used two solutions, but both were complex and time consuming, and neither offered modern data protection for a hybrid-cloud infrastructure, which was in Sky’s future.

“Knowing that the data, applications and NAS workloads supporting 24-hour programming and customer care are always protected is the biggest benefit of using Veeam,” said Anis Smajlovic, Senior Manager, Solution Architecture at Sky Deutschland. “The fact that I can move Veeam licenses around to protect different workloads as our IT environment changes is another big benefit. This level of flexibility combined with the breadth of what Veeam protects is a very powerful combination.”

Veeam backs up hundreds of terabytes on-premises to ExaGrid, which replicates off-premises for disaster recovery. Veeam is designed to back up petabytes of data, so Sky’s IT team doesn’t worry about scalability as data grows. The team doesn’t worry about flexibility either. When Sky moves to a hybrid-cloud IT infrastructure, Veeam’s Universal License will protect any workload.

“One of the largest workloads Veeam currently protects is NAS, and we’re very grateful,” Smajlovic said. “When we lost several Office documents and images that were critically important to the user, Veeam recovered them quickly and easily, saving the day and my life.”

Managing NAS backup is easy too. Like any Veeam backup, NAS backup has a Scale-out Backup Repository. As backup data grows and the repository reaches its storage limit, Sky can add any storage because Veeam is storage neutral. For Sky that might include additional ExaGrid appliances and cloud storage. “What I really like about Scale-out Backup Repository is being able to tier data to affordable, long-term cloud-object storage,” Smajlovic. “I appreciate that Veeam will help us archive backups and save money.”

That savings is in addition to the money Veeam saves the company because it was half the price of legacy backup. Smajlovic said Veeam is also simple to use, saving 40 hours each week. “Everything about Veeam is pretty easy to understand, but if we have questions, we check documentation—an excellent resource that is underrated. In the last few years Veeam has really ramped up features and functionality for enterprise organizations like ours. We’re looking forward to trying Instant NAS Recovery, and we’re looking into Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform. Veeam has a great roadmap—that’s another reason it’s a leader among competitors.”

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