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Veeam drives data protection for Ituran’s car-connected Solutions

The previous legacy backup solution didn’t deliver the level of availability required by the business

COLUMBUS, Ohio – April 29, 2021: Veeam Software, the leader in backup solutions enabling Cloud Data Management, today announced that Ituran, a global leader in telematics and connected-car services for professional fleets, insurance providers, automotive companies, government institutions and private individuals, has replaced Backup Exec with Veeam Availability Suite in the Tel Aviv office to protect the IT systems supporting its services. Ituran also deployed Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 to provide total access, control and protection of Office 365 data. Together the Veeam solutions prevent data loss and save approximately 40 hours each week, giving the IT team more time for innovative projects that empower the company.

Nearly three decades ago, Ituran’s founders identified a ground-breaking opportunity to transform technology used by the Israeli Air Force to locate and recover pilots who had abandoned their aircraft in emergency situations. By transforming this technology, they solved a serious dilemma for insurance companies: recovering stolen vehicles efficiently so they could be returned to their lawful owners. Ituran became one of the first global providers of Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) solutions.

Today the Ituran brand is synonymous with SVR, fleet management and connectivity. The company develops, manufactures, and markets a full suite of innovative hardware and software solutions for customers in multiple industries. When legacy backup could no longer deliver the level of protection and availability required by the business, the IT team looked for a replacement.

“Ituran is a world leader in telematics, so protecting the systems that support our solutions and services is a business priority,” said Shlomi Ishai, IT Manager in Israel. “Veeam provides what legacy backup did not provide: reliable backup and recovery so our solutions and services are always available to our 1.8 million customers in 20 countries.”

One of Ituran’s most famous and revered customers is United Hatzalah of Israel, the country’s largest independent, non-profit, volunteer emergency medical service organization. More than 5,000 volunteers operate a fleet of 1,000 ambulances and ambucycles to provide free first-response services to anyone in need—at any time. Ituran provides the organization with fleet management software, telematic devices and driver identification services to assure the closest and most specifically skilled medics are dispatched as quickly as possible to the scene of every emergency.

Veeam protects these solutions and services by backing up and replicating 100 TB across 300 physical and virtual machines from NetApp and HPE Nimble storage snapshots on-premises and off-premises. Veeam also enables on-premises backup for Ituran’s Office 365 data.

“It’s important to keep Office 365 data safe and available, and Veeam allows us to achieve that goal with flexible deployment options, like backups on-premises,” Ishai said. “If we need to reference an email or document from several years ago, they are always available.”

Ishai said Veeam also saves time.

“The IT team spends less time managing data protection, giving them more time to learn about new technology that will benefit the company. Veeam also provides monitoring, reporting and capacity planning, giving us full visibility into the virtual environment. We can resolve issuesbefore they become problems, and we can reconfigure the environment to work smarter. Veeam offers modern data protection and a roadmap for innovation.”

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