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Veeam helps Colomiers Town Hall to provide and guarantee a quality and continuous public service for the town and its citizens

Public body improves its quality of service using Veeam back-up solution

COLUMBUS, Ohio – October 22, 2020: Veeam Software, the leader in backup solutions that enables Cloud Data Management, today announced that Colomiers Town Hall, a public body that administrates a town of over 38,000 inhabitants in Southwestern France, used Veeam Backup Enterprise to implement a complete overhaul of its IT architecture. Thanks to Veeam, the IT department improved its performance and efficiency and is now able to deliver quality public service to all users, while cutting on costs and reducing the administrators’ workload.

“I was hired after the former team left to get the IT system back on track, because the Town Council hadn't been able to make major investments in its IT infrastructure for five years,” said Nicolas Massey, head of the Operations and Support division, who co-heads the Colomiers Town Hall's IT department. “The backup solution in place was inoperable because it had not been updated for years and the version was obsolete.”

After a catastrophic backup incident occurred – which was solved by the use of a temporary free solution in Veeam Backup Endpoint – the main challenge facing the Town Hall’s IT department was to implement a whole new infrastructure with a limited number of agents, while restructuring its technical team. The acquisition of the Veeam solution allowed for less training time and a reduced workload for administrators, while cutting on costs compared to the former backup solution.

In collaboration with the IT department, Veeam and SFR Business Team, its service provider, Nicolas Massey was able to put a whole new IT infrastructure in place, including hardware servers and the Veeam Backup Enterprise solution. Using Nutanix hyperconvergence and a VMware hypervisor, the IT department now operates smoothly, trusting in the fact that Colomiers Town Hall’s data is secure and protected, and works closely with Veeam technical support. “Not only is the Veeam Backup solution robust, fast and secure, but it also displays an ergonomic interface and is very easy to use,” added Nicolas Massey. “Furthermore, our relationship with Veeam and its technical support is excellent, which benefits us greatly. Quality human support is an important asset, and Veeam has always been there to help us when we needed it.”

As the new infrastructure was implemented, the Colomiers Town Hall’s IT department, even though it is still under reconstruction, was able to save time, notably by reducing its backup tape maintenance workload from several hours to barely half an hour a week. Veeam Backup Enterprise even allowed them to increase the volume of data stored and managed from 12To in January 2019 to 15To today.

Colomiers Town Hall experienced immediate benefits such as a 25% reduction in cost compared to the former solution or a GDPR-friendly solution allowing for easy conformity with regulation, as well as data protection and cybersecurity recommendations, which helped the organisation to deliver a better public service. "The workload reduction and ease of mind can now be leveraged to focus on other critical projects and to improve our reputation among all users," said Nicolas Massey.

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