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Veeam Helps Sydney Living Museums Bring History Back to Life with Cloud Data Management Solutions

Reduces risk of data loss while delivering automatic data restoration in under 30 minutes and enriches visitors’ experience

Sydney, Australia, 30 July 2019:Veeam Software, the leader in backup solutions that enable Cloud Data Management, announced today that Sydney Living Museums (SLM) has overhauled its IT solutions as part of the organization’s digital transformation journey to ensure that data remains available. As a result of choosing Veeam, SLM has saved at least 30 hours a week and radically reduced the risk of data loss with rapid, reliable backup capability and restoration.


SLM is responsible for a group of 12 of the most historic houses, gardens and museums in New South Wales, with all of it’s sites held ‘in trust’ for future generations. The company is responsible for sharing an extensive collection of online resources and historical material, ranging from catalogues of printed material to images and AV material, and all with associated metadata.


Protection of these digital assets and business systems is critical. With such an enormous task at hand, SLM began to struggle due to outdated systems that slowed everything down; most significantly, the backup and recovery processes. Everything from back office functions to online collections and even daily visitor transactions were being impacted by ill-fitting processes. This not only made the business vulnerable, but impaired its ability to provide the quality digital user experience it needed.


The solution to this was Veeam Availability Suite, due to its ability to provide reliable backups of the businesses critical data with minimal performance impact.This led to a reduction in business disruption and relieved the stress on production servers. After implementing Veeam, SLM freed up IT resources for improving business effectiveness and enhancing the visitor experience.


“Our legacy system was on its knees and we needed a true Cloud Data Management Solution to help drive business transformation. The automation and ease with which we are now able to backup and test [thanks to Veeam] has meant we have saved roughly one full-time equivalent on the team. We can now use this time, equivalent of 30 hours a week, to improve the business and other elements of SLM’s visitor experience and innovate our back office processes as our organization grows,” said Lisa Brady, Head of ICT at Sydney Living Museums. “Our digital transformation journey means we are now able to allow recovery or access to a full working server in a short space of time. We are also able to update our test systems and copy servers for testing easily.”


“At Veeam, we pride ourselves in providing businesses like the Sydney Living Museum with an easy-to-use Cloud Data Management solution that saves time and improves backup and replication results,” said Gary Mitchell, Vice President, ANZ at Veeam Software. “Sydney Living Museums’ need for Availability is a testament to the growing demand for data to be managed efficiently.”

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