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New Veeam Business View 2.0 provides CMDB integration, expanded categorization and dynamic groups

Columbus, Ohio, March 7, 2011 – Veeam Software, innovative provider of VMware data protection, disaster recovery and VMware management solutions for virtual datacenter environments, today released Veeam Business View 2.0, one of the key components of the award-winning Veeam ONE. Veeam Business View lets companies manage their virtual environments based on business criteria and priorities, such as service-level agreements (SLAs), business units and geographic locations. By expanding the traditional infrastructure-oriented view of the virtual environment to include flexible business-oriented perspectives, companies can more effectively address the virtualization challenges of capacity planning, chargeback and virtual machine (VM) sprawl. Veeam Business View 2.0 extends this business context even further with configuration management database (CMDB) integration, expanded categorization capabilities and dynamic groups. “CMDB integration is a feature frequently requested by our enterprise customers who want to extend the best practice of a CMDB to their virtual infrastructure,” said Anton Gostev, Director of Product Management for Veeam Software. “They can now synchronize object categorization from CMDBs and other third-party applications such as Microsoft Active Directory, thus simplifying the process of bringing an established business perspective to the monitoring and management of their virtual environments. Our customers are pleased with the real value this brings in terms of efficiency, consistency and accuracy.” Other key enhancements in Veeam Business View 2.0 include:  

  • Expanded categorization: Business View has always been able to categorize VMs, and v2.0 extends this capability to clusters, hosts and datastores. Veeam Business View 2.0 also has new rule capabilities. In addition to object names and infrastructure locations, rules can now be based on object properties, such as host CPU clock rate and memory size, datastore file system type, and VM vCPU usage.
  • Dynamic groups: Veeam Business View 2.0 automatically creates and maintains groups and group membership to reduce administrative overhead. For example, it can dynamically create, name and populate datastore groups based on free space utilization.

According to the editors at SearchServerVirtualization.com, “In today\'s climate, IT must constantly prove that its activities bring business value. Solutions such as Veeam Business View provide that data in a language that business leaders can understand.” Veeam Business View 2.0 is part of Veeam ONE, which offers a single solution to optimize the performance, configuration and utilization of virtual infrastructures. Veeam ONE provides monitoring, capacity planning, change management, reporting and chargeback, and more. It is available in three versions to accommodate each customer’s particular monitoring environment:

Customer environment Veeam ONE Solution Includes

Microsoft System Center

Veeam nworks Management Pack Plus

Veeam nworks Management Pack

Veeam Reporter

Veeam Business View

HP Operations Manager

Veeam nworks Smart Plug-in Plus

Veeam nworks Smart Plug-in

Veeam Reporter

Veeam Business View

Other Veeam Monitor Plus

Veeam Monitor

Veeam Reporter

Veeam Business View

Pricing and Availability Veeam Business View 2.0 is free and available immediately for download at http://www.veeam.com/vmware-business-view.html.