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Veeam Reporter Takes Bronze in Virtual Systems Management Category

CLEVELAND, Ohio, Jan. 22, 2008 — Veeam Software, innovative provider of systems management tools for VMware ESX Server environments, is pleased to announce that its Veeam Reporter product received the bronze award in the Systems Management category of SearchServerVirtualization.com’s annual "Products of the Year" competition.

Winners were selected by the SearchServerVirtualization.com editorial staff, in conjunction with a team of users, industry experts, analysts and consultants. Honorees were selected from among virtualization-related products introduced and shipped between Oct. 31, 2006 and Nov. 1, 2007. Judging criteria included innovation, performance, ease of integration with existing environments, ease of use, functionality and value.

"Like all good ideas, virtualization is sometimes easier said than done," wrote Alex Barrett, site news director, in the Jan. 14 announcement. "Judges in the systems management category went out of their way to recognize products that either made it easier to implement virtualization or to manage a virtual environment day to day. Veeam Software's Veeam Reporter was awarded the Bronze for its simple-to-deploy but comprehensive reporting software."

This honor marks the third major award received by Veeam in recent months. In September, Veeam Reporter also won the "Best of VMworld" Gold award in the Utilities category, and the company was recognized by Network World magazine in its "10 IT Management Software Companies to Watch."

"We are very happy to start 2008 on such a positive note," commented Veeam President and CEO Ratmir Timashev. "Our momentum is building as virtual server adoption continues to grow, and we look forward to continuing to provide useful products that bring systems management best practices to the virtualized environment."

Veeam Reporter, as well as the company’s other products for VMware ESX Server management, will be demonstrated at the upcoming VMworld Europe in Cannes, Feb. 26-28. More information, including free trial copies of Veeam Reporter, is available at http://www.veeam.com/vmware-esx-reporting.html.

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About Veeam Software Veeam Software, a premier-level VMware Technology Alliance Partner and member of the VMware Ready Management program, provides innovative software for managing VMware Infrastructure. Veeam offers an award-winning suite of tools to assist the VMware administrator, including #1 for VMware Backup: Veeam Backup & Replication; Veeam Reporter Enterprise, for VMware Performance, Storage, Capacity reporting and chargeback;  Veeam Configurator, offering Host Profiles today; and Veeam Monitor, for vmware performance monitoring and alerting across multiple Virtual Centers.  With its acquisition of nworks, Veeam's products include the nworks Smart Plug-in and the nworks Management Pack that incorporate VMware data into enterprise management consoles from HP and Microsoft.  Learn more about Veeam Software by visiting www.veeam.com.

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