Forrester Covers 5 Benefits of Kubernetes in New Vision Report

Kubernetes is a hot topic among developers always lately. The platform arms developers and operators with the power of cloud native, fueling innovation by making big data, AI/ML and process automation attainable. As a key Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) graduated project, Kubernetes is driving the trends toward IT modernization and workload decentralization.

But what are the key, tangible benefits for developers using Kubernetes? In a Forrester Vision Report, titled, “Kubernetes: Your Innovation Platform,” author Lee Sustar and colleagues outline five key advantages developers can realize when they use Kubernetes to build, deploy and manage modern applications. Here’s our quick summary:

  1. It’s customizable. Kubernetes’ open-ended design and minimalist approach enables you to add extensions and create platforms that are tailor-made for your workloads. Using standard components, developers across industries – from gaming to finance to ecommerce – can create innumerable, purpose-built solutions to meet their business needs.
  2. It encourages collaboration: Kubernetes is highly interoperable and supports data and application portability – two key advantages over using virtual machines. This helps dissolve data silos, inspire cross-team innovation, and enable open source developers to contribute their ideas and solutions. You can even extend collaboration outside of your company to include partners and suppliers.
  3. It supports modernization. Because it’s a container-based environment, Kubernetes bridges the gap between legacy systems and platforms and new technologies. Existing applications can be containerized and ported to K8s, without costly rework and refactoring. They run more efficiently, in fact, giving developers time to build new, innovative cloud native applications without impacting business continuity.
  4. It’s flexible. Although Kubernetes was cloud-based from the beginning, it can also run in datacenters and at the network’s edge. So, no matter where you need to deploy your apps, you can, faster and more cost-effectively. On-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment – it’s all the same to Kubernetes. Seamless mobility enables you to move apps across deployment models with ease.
  5. It’s proven and open source. Kubernetes eliminates vendor lock-in, leaning on the power of a thriving open source community with established governance. And it’s a proven platform; large enterprises and major cloud vendors leverage it for their products.

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#1 Kubernetes Data Protection
#1 Kubernetes Data Protection
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