Enhancing Compliance and Observability With Multi-Cloud Data Protection in Veeam ONE V12

In the accelerating world of cloud computing, enterprises of all sizes have diversified their infrastructures across multiple cloud environments like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. There could be multiple factors behind this trend, including per-region discounts. Sometimes, discounts to specific verticals like science research get better deals, and the compute is therefore more optimized in specific cloud offerings.
In response to this dynamic landscape, Veeam already has a cloud-native data protection solution for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Veeam Data Platform — Advanced and Premium Editions deliver comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and alarms for Veeam Backup & Replication v12, Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, coupled with enhanced monitoring for Veeam Backup for Cloud products.

Reporting: Enhanced Protected Cloud Instances

This capability offers unprecedented visibility into both protected and unprotected cloud-native services across a variety of public cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

The kind of services that the report includes: AWS’s EC2, RDS, EFS, VPC, Microsoft Azure’s virtual machines (VMs), SQL Database, Azure Files and Google Cloud’s Compute Engine and Cloud SQL.

In the fast-paced world of DevOps, where IaaS and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts reign, this kind of visibility is more than just convenience—it’s a necessity. Automation tools like Puppet, Ansible and Chef are commonly used to orchestrate and automate the deployment and management of cloud resources. This constant and fast-paced deployment of resources (a result of the elastic nature of the cloud) can easily lead to a scenario where some instances are left unprotected.

The Enhanced Protected Cloud Instances Report offers a solution to this challenge. By providing a consolidated view of all protected and unprotected assets across all clouds, enterprises of any size can ensure they don’t miss protecting a single byte. This is invaluable for compliance purposes, where the need to demonstrate adequate data protection is paramount.

Veeam ONE v12 doesn’t stop at providing robust reporting capabilities. Veeam ONE Monitor Client offers real-time visibility for protected cloud workloads. From VMs to databases, VPCs and File Shares, users can effortlessly track the status and date of their last backup and backup copy.

Why multi-cloud data protection observability?

Why are Veeam Data Platform ——Advanced and Premium Editions important? In this digital era, data freedom is the key to unlocking the full potential of your business. The term “data freedom” signifies the ability to access, protect and restore data across multiple cloud environments without restrictions or complications. It puts the power back into the hands of the enterprise!

Native cloud provider protection mechanisms are often restrictive, isolated and lack the comprehensive view that’s needed to manage data across multiple cloud environments. For example, AWS’s native tools won’t report on how many Azure VMs or critical Azure SQL instances you have left unprotected, thus leaving a critical gap in your data management strategy.

However, with Veeam ONE v12, data freedom becomes achievable. This platform provides an enterprise-grade alarm lifecycle across all functionalities, which makes it one of the most robust data protection platforms in the market. You gain true data protection across multi-cloud environments with enhanced visibility for every byte of data, service and instance.

Multi-cloud data management with Veeam ONE v12

Veeam Data Platform — Advanced and Premium Editions offer a revolutionary approach to multi-cloud data management. By breaking the silos of individual cloud platforms, it provides the visibility and control that’s needed for a comprehensive data protection and compliance strategy. These added features further strengthen its position as an indispensable tool for businesses that rely on multi-cloud environments. After all, in an age where data is the new oil, the ability to protect and manage this asset effectively can make all the difference.

Learn more about how you can achieve data resiliency against any threat with Veeam Data Platform here.

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