How to Escalate a Support Case or Talk to a Support Manager

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Last Modified: 2017-07-26


This article provides guidance on escalating an existing support case. Instructions on creating a support case can be found here.


Whenever you feel the need to escalate a case to a higher tier or draw the attention of Veeam Support Management to your request, choose an approach most suitable to you from the ones listed below.


1. Your request for escalation can be communicated to the engineer who is currently assigned to your case either in an e-mail message, or in a phone conversation. Please, keep in mind that to satisfy the request for escalation to a higher tier, the current engineer may have to collect more diagnostic information from you. If you have non-technical concerns with the handling of the case, you may also request to talk to a manager. The engineer will communicate your feedback to the Management Team and we will get in touch at our earliest availability.

2. If you need to get in touch with the Support Management Team directly, you can use the corresponding tab on the Customer Portal navigation pane or go here

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Along with your feedback, please provide the number of the case that you would like to discuss and the contacts we can use to reach out to you.

3. If you are a participant of the Customer Success program, you are welcome to share your concerns with your customer success manager. This person would be able to reach out to Support Management directly.

4. If you are actively working on something with Veeam Sales, feel free to communicate your feedback to the sales representative. Your feedback will be forwarded to Support Management.

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