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Case administrators management: Guide for users

KB ID: 2211
Published: 2016-12-28
Last Modified: 2021-08-17
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Case Opening Restrictions
Only the License Administrator and designated Case Administrators can submit support cases. Please be sure to verify your License Administrator and define valid Case Administrators for your Veeam licenses.
Case Administrator must be assigned by License Administrator
Veeam Support is not able to change or create the Case Administrators for an account. This action can only be performed by the License Administrator for a given Support ID.
Below are the most commonly asked questions.
What is a Case Administrator?

The Case Administrator role allows a company to assign individuals who they wish to allow the ability to create and manage cases for the company's support contracts.

Customers can now assign individuals who can manage support tickets on behalf of their company – Case Administrators. By adding a Case Administrator, you invite an employee of your company, a reseller, or a third-party contractor to join you in managing your cases with the Veeam® Support Team. Please note that Case Administrators can open cases, but they cannot manage your existing licenses.

What can a Case Administrator do?
  • Case Administrators can open, update and close support cases for the licenses assigned to them.
  • Case Administrators can also manage cases created by the License Administrator and other Case Administrators.
  • Case Administrators belonging to the same account can view your licenses but cannot manage them. 
  • Case Administrators cannot view and manage other Case Administrators.
How do I assign a Case Administrator?

To manage Case Administrators for your company's support contracts, you must be logged in as the License Administrator. Once logged in to the Veeam Customer Portal as the License Administrator,  you can access the "Case administrators" section.

Note: If the link for Case Administrator Management does not load, this means you are not presently a License Administrator for any contracts.

  1. Open the [Create administrators] page
  3. Specify the Business email of the person you wish to add as a Case Administrator
    If the email provided is associated with an existing portal account, the Name and Company will be prefilled. If there is no portal account associated with the provided email, you must provide a name and company name.
  4. After verifying the information, click [Next]
  5. Select the Support contracts which will be assigned to the new Case Administrator.
  6. Click [Save] to complete the process.
Use the arrow to switch between slides below to see screenshots for these steps.
If the person to whom you would like to give Case Administrator rights does not have a profile on veeam.com, you may be asked to specify their name and company.
If new Case Administrator's company is not yet registered on veeam.com some additional information may be requested.
How do I become a Case Administrator? 

The Case Administrator role can only be assigned by the License Administrator for a given Support ID. Contact the License Administrator directly and request that they assign you as a Case Administrator.

Review the How to Determine License Administrator section below for assistance in determining who the License Administrator is.

What is the maximum number of Case Administrators I can assign?
There is a limit of 80 Case Administrators per Support ID.
How do I remove a Case Administrator?

There are two options:

  • Unassign the Case Administrator from a specific Support Contract
  • Remove the Case Administrator entirely

To unassign a Case Administrator from a specific Support ID, go to the Case administrators page. In the "License view," click the X next to the Case Administrator's entry under the specific Support ID#.

You can also remove a Case Administrator from all your licenses by clicking the Delete administrator link in the Case Administrator view. Please note that you will not see this link if the user is the License Administrator.
How to Determine License Administrator

To view the Production Licenses and identify what email is assigned as the License Administrator, please click here: https://my.veeam.com/#/licenses/production

It is also possible to see the License Administrator information in the License Information panel inside Veeam Backup & Replication. 

How to Change License Administrator
If you have lost access to the License Administrator account or would like it to be changed, please create a licensing case.
KB ID: 2211
Published: 2016-12-28
Last Modified: 2021-08-17
Languages: FR | ES

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